Services on Offer

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services with leading technologies and products

Your goal - and ours - is to keep your Outstanding Debt to the minimum. Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering what your Business needs, and we cooperate closely with our customers to work out a package of services that fits perfectly. Wherever you are in the country, our experienced team is there to assist you.

We tailor our service package to your individual needs. 

Some of the most common services we provide are:

- Assessment of Debtors’ Books

- Management of the Following

  • Debtors’ Books (Debt  Collection)
  • Garnishee Orders on your behalf
  • Debt Review
  • Administration Orders
  • Monthly Reports on Debtors’ Books

Our Business Partner Fortitude South Africa, offers the following at affordable rates -

  • Business Analysis - on Projects, Amendments, Processes
  • Review of In-House Business Analysis Done
  • Business Process Modeling and Refining of Existing Business Processes
  • Risk Management on Projects and Initiatives
  • Change Management
  • User Training
  • Electronic Business Index and Marketing on Social Media